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To bring you this video I just found in the archives that has me sitting up at the computer at midnight hitting replay.

I was about 38 weeks pregnant and Little Man was giving the belly some love while he nursed.  Although this was the phase when he insisted it was a piggy, not a belly…


I promise, the rest of the BLW series will be back when my ovaries stop tingling for another baby (which we’re NOT having).


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Welcome to the June 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Embracing Your Birth Experience

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have written about at least one part of their birth experience that they can hold up and cherish.


My wish for both of my births was an unmedicated homebirth after spontaneous onset of labour.  The birth I envisioned in my head didn’t include wires, tubes or beeping of any kind.  In fact, my fantasy birth may not even have been a ‘home’ birth, so much as ‘backyard’ birth.  In other words what I wanted was completely and utterly primal, unencumbered and NATURAL.  That was categorically not what I got.

Both of my births were in the hospital, both included continuous monitoring, IVs and artificial membrane rupture.  I had an induction, pitocin and an epidural.  And in the course of two births, I was required to give 8 people entry visas to my ladyland, and viewing privileges to 14 others.

To say that none of that had featured in the scene I had created in my head – you know, the one in which I quietly pushed my darling babies onto a carpet of bluebells (daisies would be too banal, of course) next to an English cottage while my husband stroked my hair and our midwives brewed a pot of tea inside the house – is putting it mildly.  (The fact that we do not live in either a cottage or in England spells out just how ambitious ludicrous my birth goal really was.)  But I realized after my daughter was born that if you look closely, most of the elements I most desired were there in at least one of the births.

With our son we missed out on the happy, safe, empowering pregnancy that we ultimately had with our midwives the second time around, but after much (MUCH) discussion with our OBs, I did manage stave off induction and feel the excitement of going into labour on my own.  That turned out to be lucky because the next time around I would need to be induced on very short notice when my blood pressure shot up at the end of my pregnancy.

With both babies I got to spend my early labour at home which, although devoid of flowery meadows, did give me the sense of privacy, freedom and agency I so deeply desired.

For Little Man’s birth, going to the hospital was the undoing of whatever remained of the plan.  Hours in triage and a staff that believed I should adjust my behaviour to serve the limitations of the monitor meant I had no capacity to labour effectively.  Augmentation, more augmentation and drugs followed.  But with Lady Fair, I got those missing pieces back.  Our midwives protected our space and fiddled constantly with the machine while I moved freely, doing the work I needed to do.  Her birth didn’t start the way I wanted it to, but at least I got to progress on my own, feel my labour get more intense and feel her move through my body into the world.

So while neither birth was singly perfect, between the two of them, I can run down the natural birth checklist and tick off most of the boxes.

Having the perfect birth is a pretty narrow target to hit.  It becomes even harder when you see perfection as having to be linear – perfect from start to finish.  When I knew my second birth wasn’t going to start the way I wanted it to, after my first had ended so far off course, I felt as if my goals and hopes for birth had gone totally out the window.  But it turns out, that if you look at it moment by moment, you can fit the pieces together into a really great birth.  It might be a bit of a patchwork perfection, but it’s perfection nonetheless.


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Can you guess what we’re going at again?  Uhuh, it’s baby #2 time for us!

So if you’ve been wondering at my absence the last few months, this is why.  In all honesty, I’ve been too tired to even think in full sentences, let alone type them out with commas and everything!  The tiredness has precipitated some changes around here that I will talk about another day.  I’ve also been somewhat queasy this time around – something I didn’t have last time.

Contrary to what my catchy title might suggest, we are indeed ready.  Baby #2, tentatively nicknamed The Sequel, was deliberately conceived and obviously, we’re pretty stoked.  He/she will be joining us some time around the middle of March, making our child spacing just shy of 2 years.

We were very lucky with this little one.  When I found out I didn’t get accepted to midwifery this year, I was bummed but simultaneously a little relieved.  For that plan to have worked, we would have been trying to conceive on a really tight timeline, so I could deliver at the start of summer holidays. I was quite stressed about it because I wasn’t sure of fertility status, having only had a couple of periods since Little Man.  And frankly, I had forgotten how tiring it is to be pregnant – way more tiring than having the infant here.  Re-entering the education system (after a 5-year absence) at the very beginning of my pregnancy while chasing a toddler…  Yikes.  So, we went on to plan B and so far I’m glad we did.

Oh ya, and the equally exciting news – we’re having midwives this time around!!

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