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Can you guess what we’re going at again?  Uhuh, it’s baby #2 time for us!

So if you’ve been wondering at my absence the last few months, this is why.  In all honesty, I’ve been too tired to even think in full sentences, let alone type them out with commas and everything!  The tiredness has precipitated some changes around here that I will talk about another day.  I’ve also been somewhat queasy this time around – something I didn’t have last time.

Contrary to what my catchy title might suggest, we are indeed ready.  Baby #2, tentatively nicknamed The Sequel, was deliberately conceived and obviously, we’re pretty stoked.  He/she will be joining us some time around the middle of March, making our child spacing just shy of 2 years.

We were very lucky with this little one.  When I found out I didn’t get accepted to midwifery this year, I was bummed but simultaneously a little relieved.  For that plan to have worked, we would have been trying to conceive on a really tight timeline, so I could deliver at the start of summer holidays. I was quite stressed about it because I wasn’t sure of fertility status, having only had a couple of periods since Little Man.  And frankly, I had forgotten how tiring it is to be pregnant – way more tiring than having the infant here.  Re-entering the education system (after a 5-year absence) at the very beginning of my pregnancy while chasing a toddler…  Yikes.  So, we went on to plan B and so far I’m glad we did.

Oh ya, and the equally exciting news – we’re having midwives this time around!!


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